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The Beginning of a Flower Garden

The Beginning of a Flower Garden

A Look Back

Although I used to love planting and working in the garden with my grandma when I was younger, my love for gardening started around 2009 when my husband and I moved to a small subdivision outside of the city. I definitely attribute that to what I learned from my grandma though, and think that my likeness for gardening has always been in me. I remember saving seeds from flowers and picking vegetables at a young age at my grandparent’s house, and always just loving being outside and enjoying the gardens.

Our current home’s previous owners had beautiful flowers all around the acre and a half property. From there, we haven’t stopped adding to it, moving existing plants, or splitting perennials. It has definitely been an ever-evolving landscape and learning experience. No matter what the season is that the midwest brings us, there’s always something to enjoy!

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