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Floral Watercolor Painting

Floral Watercolor Painting

What can I say? Two of my favorite things! I’ve combined my love for photography, painting, and the outdoors for my latest adventure. My goal has been to paint at least one painting a week, however I must admit, summer gets a little hectic and I haven’t had as much time for painting as I would have liked.

Throughout the Spring and Summer I have been taking as many pictures as I can of the landscape gardens and individual flowers throughout our property. I started to print out the ones I like best, and have a binder of ideas to paint from in the future. All images I get ideas to paint from are taken by me, so my paintings are always going to be original.

As of right now, I have been using my Canon xTi camera, mainly using a 50mm lens to capture the natural beauty of the flowers. Since I use the printed images mainly as a quick reference, I don’t worry too much about having a perfect print on paper. I use the inkjet printer I have at home, and it works great for this purpose.

Once I have a larger collection of paintings built up, my goal is to purchase a pigment ink printer so that I can print out reproductions of my watercolor paintings in order to sell them so that others can enjoy the beauty and colors of the flowers that I am portraying. Check back soon for paintings to be listed for sale, and be sure to take a peek at my website for all paintings, as I don’t always have them posted on the blog!

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