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New Watercolor Supplies

New Watercolor Supplies

Fast forward a WHOLE bunch of years, and I have decided to rekindle that love of watercolor painting. My focus has been on capturing the beauty and color found in nature. I feel that watercolor allows me to really focus on the color found in various plants and objects instead of just looking at the object as a whole.

I picked up a new set of professional quality watercolor paints and so far love the color options that this set provides. I’ve also been trying out a new (to me) watercolor paper made by Canson, which I definitely recommend for those just starting out. It holds the color well, and the cold press paper has seemed to work the way I expected. A few more papers that are on my list to try out are the Strathmore and Arches. I’ve used Arches cold press paper in large sheets in the past, as this was what I used in my college painting courses. I loved the smoothness and precise color control the paper allowed.

Watercolor Paper

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