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My Start at Watercolor Painting

My Start at Watercolor Painting

I fell in love with watercolor painting while I was in college. I had tried using watercolors on hot press paper in high school and hated it. HATED it. I could paint with any other medium, spent most of my time using chalk pastels and graphite, but when it came to watercolors I simply dreaded it. A few years later, there I sat in a required college course - Watercolor 101.

Nervousness and doubt set in. I could draw, use oil paints, chalk, anything but watercolors. It was in that first class though, that I got back hope and inspiration from listening to the professor speak. Little did I know then, but quickly learned, that professor was Li Hu, an amazingly talented painter and one of the kindest, inspiring people I would meet throughout my college career.

During that first course, we experimented using different types of watercolor paints, gouache, masking fluid, brushes, but most important for me - paper. I learned what cold press paper was! It was at that point that my artwork, and especially attitude towards watercolors - made a turn for the good. I learned to love the precise control the cold press paper allowed.

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