Evolved Perception LLC

About Evolved Perception

Jacki Jorgensen, Owner

I'm Jacki. A wife, mother of three, lover of design, color, flowers, kayaking, gardening, and summer. When I'm not doing design work, you'll find me in my garden, lounging by the pool or painting in a sunny spot.

Why Evolved Perception?

The name “Evolved Perception” was actually the title of my senior drawing show when I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I’ve always had strong feelings behind the reason for that name, and so it also has become the name of my business.

Being in the design field, the name fits because technology and trends are always changing. It’s important to keep an open mind while staying up to date on skills to fit client needs.

As an artist, it means a slightly different thing to me. Evolved Perception in that sense is more about the artwork allowing your perception of an object to change. The art I create helps me, and hopefully others to see past the object and focus more on the colors and natural beauty it holds. Nature is an ever-evolving thing, a garden plant, flower, etc is always changing and never the same as the next.

The Business

Although just started in 2017, this has been a dream of mine for years. My background in graphic design led to my love for the web, and after working towards a Masters degree in Information and Communication Technologies, I’ve decided that along side my full time UX Design Manager role at one of the top promotional products companies, this is my next step!

One of the biggest things this venture has allowed me to do, was expand my knowledge of the business end of things including all the legalities and accounting/money management - something I knew nothing about at the start of this. Along with that, it allows me to build upon other skills I have for graphic and logo design, which I have always enjoyed doing, but do not have the freedom to do so at my current full time job.

As a freelancer, I enjoy being able to work with various clients and industries to help them build their brand, picking work up as I have time for which allows me the flexibility to spend time with my family.

The Blog

Aside from having a degree in eCommerce and Technology, I also started my career out with a Fine Arts degree. While I’ve put my drawing and painting interest aside for the last several years to focus on building my web design career, I’ve really missed it and truly feel my passion lies in gardening and art. I hope to share my paintings and love for gardening with others, as well as the tools that I’ve used that work (and don’t work!) so that others may enjoy as well. In the near future, I hope to build my painting collection to a point where I can venture more into making prints to sell.

I feel it’s important to not lose track of yourself and the things you love to do - and for me that involves the outdoors and painting, so why not combine them to capture natures beauty through watercolors! The heart of the blog is to focus more on sharing and inspiring others through gardening and other creative work as well, not just focus strictly on the web design business.